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Worldwide, Governments, Air Forces and Ministries of Defence rely on JETMS Completions Military Aircraft Painting & Coating services to defend their airframes against hostile operating environments, whilst keeping their operational costs as low as possible. In the process, JETMS Completions succeed in minimising aircraft downtime and safeguarding the budgets which have been invested in equipment with a long service life.

Working on military aircraft for over twenty years, at JETMS Completions we are proud to be one of only a handful of approved military coating and painting contractors worldwide. In our purpose built London Hangar, we apply coatings and painting across all types of modern military aircraft, including transport aircraft, helicopters, fast jets, training aircraft and drones. All painting is carried out to meet the exact specification of each aircraft to fully maintain and enhance the unique qualities of the aircraft, including stealth aircraft.

Through exceeding both military paint specifications and techniques, we are able to protect military aircraft against a wide range of hostile, chemical and corrosive environments, achieving a perfect paint finish whilst understanding and enhancing the unique properties of the skin of an aircraft. In many cases our teams identify the requirement for a unique coating, such as dry film lubricants which replace liquid lubricants which can attract grit and debris, damaging an aircraft.
Most recently, we have seen an increase in military aircraft livery and custom paint jobs, these are always incredibly exciting projects to receive and work on. Almost a tribute to the painted aircraft of the Second World War, Air Forces worldwide today are increasingly customising their aircrafts with decorative painting & art. It’s not just combat aircraft which is reviving this trend, transport planes, refuelling planes, bombers and even drones are increasingly decorated, with the iconic shark’s teeth being one of the most popular choices!


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An empathetic understanding of our clients’ ambitions, and a precise awareness of timescale and budget enables us to deliver the perfect solution every time. We work with a large range of clients including both large global airlines and private aircraft owners. No matter the size of your project, RAS has the experience and expertise to satisfy your needs.

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